Friday, April 18, 2008

How To Go Vegan

Here are some ways to go vegan:
1. Just do it - go vegan cold turkey. Just stop consuming animal products today.
2. Get vegan cookbooks and start cooking vegan.
3. Do a 30 day challenge. Go vegan for a set period of time, like 30 days, and see how it feels .
4. Go vegan one day a week. Expand that to two days a week and more...
5. Go vegan at home. Don't allow animal products into your home. Only cook vegan foods.
6. Go vegan when you go out to eat.
7. Make vegan friends. Find them at your school,, or online at vegan forums.
8. Drop the dairy. (Sorry about the typo in the video.)
9. Explore new vegan foods.

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