Friday, February 27, 2009

Two Kinds Of People Kill Animals For A Living

Two kinds of people kill animals for a living:
a) the ones who want to and
b) the ones who don't want to kill animals for a living.

Poultry workers article and video series:

"Hunting is on the decline across the nation as participation has fallen over the last three decades"

"meatpacking and poultry workers face more than hard work in tough settings. They perform the most dangerous factory jobs in the country."

"one of the most serious unintended consequences of
industrial food animal production ( ifap) is the growing public health threat
of these types of facilities. In addition to the contribution of ifap to the major
threat of antimicrobial resistance (Smith et al., 2002; Smith et al., 2007), ifap
facilities can be harmful to workers, neighbors, and even those living far from
the facilities through air and water pollution, and via the spread of disease."

"for men who have to crack the heads of animals all day seem to get into the habit, and to practice on their friends, and even on their families, "

"Automated lines carrying dead animals and their parts for disassembly move too fast for worker safety. Repeating thousands of cutting motions during each work shift puts enormous traumatic stress on workers' hands, wrists, arms, shoulders and backs. They often work in close quarters creating additional dangers for themselves and coworkers. They often receive little training and are not always given the safety equipment they need. They are often forced to work long overtime hours under pain of dismissal if they refuse."

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