Thursday, October 30, 2008

Eat Like A Vegan,Think Like A Vegan

People tend to find ways to justify their behavior regardless of whether or not the behavior is truly justifiable.

Meat-eaters do it all the time (for example, "animals eat other animals" or "God gave us animals to eat" or "meat is healthy"). They rationalize away all the wholly unnecessary cruelty to animals involved in food production.

Vegans and vegetarians do it too. I know. As a vegetarian for virtually my entire life, I realized that my habits of non-meat-eating were stronger than my philosophy du jour.

We are our habits.

In order to change other people's habits (to get them to stop eating meat, or even to stop smoking or stop drinking or start exercising, etc.) they simply need to develop a new habit. To get people to eat a plant-based diet, feed them a plant-based diet.

The more they eat as a vegan, the more they'll think like a vegan.

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