Friday, October 10, 2008

Vegan FAQ

You probably understand the basics aout veganism: Vegans live a lifestyle that attempts to reduce or eliminate animal suffering and exploitation.

You probably understand that vegans don't eat meat, but you're not sure where the line is drawn.

Is it between plants and animals or between insects and other animals? What about fish?

And you might have more questions. What about protein? Vitamin B12? Iron? Is it possible to be a vegan athlete - a serious athlete? Isn't being vegan expensive? Is refined sugar vegan? How about honey? Doesn't the Bible say we should be eating animals? I have food allergies. Can I still be a vegetarian or vegan? What about free-range? Isn't seafood healthy? Plants feel too. Animals are killed in plant agriculture, too. Isn't soy dangerous? What would happen to all the animals if humans didn't breed and eat them? Are most vegetarians liberals or conservatives? I have cancer/diabetes/other disease, can I go vegan?

Hence, the array of vegan FAQs on the web:

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