Saturday, February 7, 2009


Once or twice a month I hand out stacks of pamphlets at local colleges with other vegans. We do it during lunchtime so the most students are on campus and we can reach the most students.

The estimated conversion rate is about 2%. That might not sound very high, but it is infinitely larger nothing. And when you do nothing to encourage people to go vegan, your conversion rate is a big, fat ZERO. So, do something!

Leafletting is very easy and in my opinion is better than protesting or writing letters to the editor. It's the kind of activism that takes very little effort and is very rewarding. People often thank me for leafletting. They crave information about veganism in a simple, non-invasive, non-judgmental, well-sourced, visual way.

Sure, some people react negatively to me when I leaflet. But they are the minority. Most people are very nice and appreciative. I'm not an outgoing person, so it takes courage to step out of my comfort zone and leaflet. That's why I only do it once or twice a month for an hour or two at a time. That's a pace I can continue for years and years without burning out. And... it gets easier over time.

Why Vegan? The information:

Vegan Outreach:

The Why Vegan Pamphlet:

Order pamphlets:

The images shown in the video are NOT from the pamphlet. I found the images elsewhere. There are LOTS of graphic factory farming images online. Just do an "image search" to see them for yourself. Or better yet, take a tour of a slaughterhouse.

and... GO VEGANS!

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