Monday, March 9, 2009

Why Humane/ Vegetarian Isn't Enough

Factory farming has got to go. It's terrible for the environment, terrible for public health, and terrible to animals.

But vegetarianism or meat-reduction aren't enough. Here are four reasons why you should go vegan:

1. Your health - You already know meat isn't great for your health. Well, eggs and dairy aren't health foods either. Eggs are high in cholesterol and carry salmonella. Dairy is linked to cancer, heart disease, diabetes.

2. Sustainablity - Factory farming has to go, but animal agriculture in any form isn't sustainable. The human population is growing too rapidly to sustainably farm animals, be it for meat or dairy or whatnot.

3. Pandora's box has been opened - So long as there is a market for animal products, there will be greedy people who will factory farm. The most power you have as an individual to stop factory farming is to go vegan. ("Voting with your dollar" for humane products won't do as much good for animals as abstaining from consuming all animal products.)
More on that:

4. Animal exploitation - Animals are not commodities. animals are not machines, animals are not tools.

There are more reasons that I didn't mention in the video:
a) humane myths, ie "certified humane" doesn't actually represent humane treatment.
d) consistency - veganism is more ethically consistent than vegetarianism.
e) Vegan is the new green - it's hip and fun :)

More on this subject:
(read the comments there, too)

Go vegan!

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