Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Why Vegan? 6 Reasons
Both those websites can help you answer "why vegan?"

The short answer is...
Vegan: for people, animals, and the planet.

If you're still curious, I suggest you get down to a library and read:
The Case for Animal Rights by Tom Regan
Animal Liberation by Peter Singer
Introduction to Animal Rights by Gary L. Francione
The Longest Struggle by Norm Phelps

Or watch Earthlings:

Here are a few different vegan mindsets:

1. Many do not believe that animals and humans are equal. Rather, they believe animals should not suffer at the hands of humans.

2. Some do believe that animals and humans are equal. (But no one thinks animals deserve exactly the same rights as humans: no one is suggesting that animals deserve to attend public schools or that animals deserve equal employment opportunities.)

3. Many believe that animals interests deserve consideration. Some believe that consideration should be given equal weight to humans interests, others believe animals interests deserve similar, but not equal, consideration as humans interests.

4. Some believe that animals are not resources for humans to exploit. In their utopia, humans leave animals alone and do not interfere in animals lives, except for rescue situations.

5. Some simply value animals lives. They determine that animals lives are more worthy of protection than human taste buds, human convenience, human curiosity, human entertainment, or other trivial human desires. They simply prioritize animals lives above most human justifications for animal exploitation, leaving a small window for animal exploitation in the cases of true human need.

6. But remember, one need not believe in any kind of animal rights principle in order to eat a plant-based diet. One could act as a vegan for purely health or environmental reasons.

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