Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Health Benefits of Going Vegan?

Vegan transformation stories you should definitely check out:

Some nutrition resources:

Some info about basic vegan nutrition:

My story is NOT dramatic:
When I went vegan I didn't notice any huge changes in my health except that it was much easier to maintain my weight. I had hoped for some weight-loss, but that requires more concentrated effort. But weight maintenance as a vegan is easy.

I will say this: I am very healthy. I have low cholesterol (116) and I have a healthy weight.

The MAJOR changes I've seen after I went vegan were psychological and emotional. I feel more in tune with myself, I'm living more in sinc with my values, I'm working more towards my goals. My life has more meaning and I feel more connected.

You are what you eat.

Not just when in regards to physical health, but also in regards to emotional and psychological health: your diet reflects your values.

If you value life, eat like you value life. Eat like you value your life and the lives of others. Go vegan.

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