Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Making Vegan Vlogs

Three suggestions for making vegan vlogs:
1. Anyone making vegan videos is doing a good thing. It doesn't matter what style or what reasons or what you look like or anything... whoever you are, someone else will relate. You WILL make a difference.

2. Don't be afraid to rehash old stuff. It might not be a new idea, but it's probably a new idea to some body. People need to hear about new ideas a bunch of times in a bunch of different ways before they really think about that idea. So feel free to be someone's second or third exposure to the same idea. You don't have to be original to be effective.

3. Block or ignore the anti-vegans and anti-animal people. If someone says pro-meat, pro-dairy, pro-hunting, etc stuff, just block them and erase their comments. They don't deserve your time or attention. And they don't deserve a chance to influence the discussion. Their viewpoint is easily accessible EVERYWHERE else in this omnivorous world. They don't need more space to put vegans or animals down.

This is NOT censorship: There is a BIG difference between what I suggest, which is like removing their "graffiti" from your "walls," versus real censorship, which is like going to their house and stealing their pens, canvases, cameras, paint, etc. In order to respect someone's opinion, you need not hand them a soapbox and a megaphone. But if you allow them to overtake your YourTube channel with their ridiculous, petty, and mean comments you aren't helping anyone.

Ideas for vegan videos:
- vegan cooking class
- personal opinion vlogs
- how-to show
- comedy skits
- music video with statistics
- images of factory farming

Don't want to make a video? Here are some other activism ideas:
- leafleting
- virtual leafleting: leaving pro-veg and pro-animal comments on blogs
- host a vegan potluck or picnic
- write letters to the editor
- start a vegan food blog
- send copies of vegan books to friends and family members
- wear clothes that say "vegan"
- donate money to vegan campaigns
- organize a protest
- participate in open rescue
- volunteer at an animal shelter
- sponsor a farm animal
- have a vegan bake sale and donate the proceeds
- post vegan recipes on web forums


Not already vegan?
Vegan Starter Kits

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