Thursday, April 23, 2009

vegan jerky?

Cactus Jerky is just one of many vegan "meats" available to eat these days. More can be found at where products like Field Roast, Toferky, Sunshine Burger, and other veggie meats are listed.

Some of my all time favs: - Taro burgers! I LOVE these things! - Great Celebration Roast!

You can buy things like this at these vegan stores (and have stuff shipped to you) if you don't have anywhere nearby where you can get veggie meats:

There are more stores, just use your favorite search engine to find them. Google "vegan store" or something like that :)

But... why do vegans and vegetarians make and eat "fake" meats?

The answer is simple: it's not the taste that's the problem. Certainly, some people dislike the taste (or smell) of meat, but a lot of people are vegan or vegetarian because of other reasons like animals, health, or the environment. So, for them, veggie meats are a fun, tasty alternative to animal flesh.

I eat veggie meats rarely, just for fun and flavor. I don't use them as staple foods to eat every, single day. In my opinion, it's better for your health (and the environment, too) to eat mostly unprocessed foods. So I just eat stuff like this cactus jerky every now and then when I have a craving or when I want to try something new and interesting.

OK, so, wait a sec, why vegan?
Factory farms:



Here are some good places to get started on your vegan transformation:


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