Monday, May 18, 2009

Three Things

The obligatory starter link:

That's for the people who don't click "more" and read the rest of the video description.

Now, here's the stuff in the video for people who aren't native English speakers and people who want more information:

I'm wearing sunglasses because my eyes are sensitive. They're sensitive because I'm a green-eyed mutant. Proof:

Hey, do you think my genetic mutation means I'm supposed to wear sunglasses or do you think it means I'm supposed to avoid the sun or do you think it means I'm supposed to mate someone with brown eyes or do you think it means anything at all...? For more on that way of thinking, please read:

The three things:
1) American Vegan
Photo of me and my husband from the NYC Veggie Pride Parade on page 5:
Veggie Pride Parade link:

2) 'How We Decide' by Jonah Lehrer
Here are videos of the author talking about his book:

Maybe, just maybe, it's time to trust your moral intuition:
And don't go telling me that video is just an "appeal to emotion" because emotional appeals are only fallacious if the emotion CLOUDS your judgment. If it INFORMS your judgment, it's not a fallacy.
Emotions are a part of us, our brains, our identities. Emotion is not the enemy. Emotion helps us determine VALUE. When you have a strong emotional reaction to something, that's a clue that you're tapping into your values.

Making food decisions:
Get your priorities straight. If you care about animals. the planet, and/or your health, STOP EATING ANIMALS.

3) My green, tree-hugger, commie hat has been damaged by my dog's sharp canine teeth. See her teeth here:


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