Monday, November 16, 2009

Eating Animals

Vegan Soapbox:

Eating Animals: and

The demand for "humane meat" already exceeds the supply.

Thus, even from an animal welfarist's perspective or environmentalist's perspective, there is no need for a larger demand for so-called "humane" products. Right now, what we can all agree on is that there is a need for less demand for ALL animal products. That is the ONLY way we'll get close to preventing climate change, reducing human health threats, and improving animal welfare.


A quote from Bruce Friedrich's essay as it appears in the book, Eating Animals, on page 214:
The decision to eat any meat at all (even if the meat is from producers that are less abusive) will cause others you know to eat factory-farmed meat where they might otherwise not have. What does it say that the leaders of the ethical meat charge, like my friends Eric Schlosser and Michael Pollan and even the Niman Ranch farmers, regularly pull money out of their pockets and send it off to the factory farms? To me, it say s that the ethical carnivore is a failed idea; even the most prominent advocates don't do it full-time. I have met countless people who were moved by Eric's and Michael's arguments, but none of them now eat exclusively Niman-type meat. They are either vegetarians or they continue to eat at least some factory-farmed animals.

Jonathan Safran Foer's own words on page 256-257:
We shouldn't kid ourselves about the number of ethical eating options available to most of us. There isn't enough nonfactory chicken produced in America to feed the population of Staten Island and not enough nonfactory pork to serve New York City, let alone the country. Ethical meat is a promissory note, not a reality. Any ethical-meat advocate who is serious is going to be eating a lot of vegetarian fare.
A good number of people seem to be tempted to continue supporting factory farms while also buying meat outside that system when it is available. That's nice. But if it is as far as our moral imaginations can stretch, then its hard to be optimistic about the future. Any plan that involves funneling money to the factory farm wont end factory farming.

My words: Regardless of where you stand on animal rights or animal welfare, the reality of the current systems of animal agriculture DEMAND veganism. Do it for the animals, do it for the planet, do it for human health, or do it for any reason whatsoever just go vegan!

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