Thursday, February 11, 2010

"Eat Bacon & Enjoy Life"

A commenter wrote:
"Hey factory farming is bad yes, and eventually people are going to wake up and demand that we produce food some other way. Untill then, Im going to eat my bacon (covered in chocolate and the blood of kittens) and enjoy my life. I guess Im just not the activist type."

My response:
1. Factory farming is terrible, we agree. The way to change it is to stop consuming products from factory farms. That means eat less meat, dairy and eggs or go vegan.
2. Life without bacon can be enjoyable. I promise!!! You can find other pleasures to replace the lost bacon. Life is full of fun things to do and eat, just please don't destroy animals or the environment with your diet.
3. Activism: I'm not "the activist type" either. I just speak honestly about my values. I advocate for animals, but only when it's convenient and only when I want to. It's not hard but it makes a big difference in the world.

Videos you should watch:

Info about factory farming:

Meat alternatives (eat vegan bacon):

Vegan info:


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