Thursday, May 27, 2010

Hunting and Hunters

I can't support hunting, but it simply doesn't bother me as much as factory farming.

In 2008, over 9 billion chickens, 116 million pigs, and 35 million cows were killed for food. Most came from factory farms. See the graphic:

Factory farming investigations:

"In the United States, an estimated 95% of egg-laying hens are intensively confined in battery cages."

Why vegan?

"We shouldn't kid ourselves about the number of ethical eating options available to most of us. There isn't enough nonfactory chicken produced in America to feed the population of Staten Island and not enough nonfactory pork to serve New York City, let alone the country. Ethical meat is a promissory note, not a reality. Any ethical-meat advocate who is serious is going to be eating a lot of vegetarian fare." (Eating Animals, page 256)

If you are SERIOUS about protecting animals, protecting the planet, and protecting public health, eat vegan MORE OFTEN.

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