Thursday, April 30, 2009

My Vegan Purse: A Look Inside

Veg "Starter kits" here:

Matt & Nat (vegan handbags made from recycled rubber):

Pamphlets/ literature shown in the video:
Stop Global Warming... one bite at a time by FARM
Get it here:
Eating Sustainably by COK,
Easy Vegan Recipes by COK,
Restaurant Manager Cards by COK,
Get your COK lit here:

Websites shown in the video:

Get the Leaping Bunny booklet ("Compassionate Shopping Guide") here:
or just read up about various companies here:

Reusable bags available here:

The China Study by Dr. Colin Campbell
page 243 has the recommended food chart I show in the video, find that here:,M1

Food Inc. (a documentary)
preview here:
more info here:

This video was inspired by


PS - Are you vegan or vegetarian? PLEASE make videos. Speak your truth :)


  1. That is a beautiful bag! I'm so envious!

  2. seppie, thanks. It was a gift from a friend.