Sunday, May 3, 2009

How to "Pass" in a Vegan-Hostile World

Please don't let the "green scare" keep you from behaving as a vegan even if you aren't willing to admit you're a vegan.

It's very liberating to be honest about who you are, what you want, and what you believe,
not everyone feels safe and comfortable speaking up for themselves or for animals.

Try to find the confidence to speak your truth.

But, if you can't or don't want to, here are three ways to "pass" in a vegan-hostile world:

1. Say you have an allergy or that you're lactose-intolerant (if you've been vegan for a few years, you might actually be lactose intolerant anyway. And regarding allergies, well you might not go into anaphylactic shock if you eat meat, but you'll likely have some negative physical reaction.)

2. Say you're vegan for health or environmental reasons (don't confess that its also for animal rights)

3. Say vegetarian, plant-based diet, plant strong, raw vegan, starch-based diet or some other word to describe your diet instead of vegan (That's more truthful anyway since there is no singular vegan diet)

Evidence that we live in a vegan-hostile world:

a) Green in the New Red: specifically, read this about the "green scare":

b) I Am An Animal: just watch the first scene.

c) My video where I received lots of hostility. Just read some of the comments:

d) FBI infiltrates vegan potlucks:


f) Vegans are a minority. We are only about 1% of the US population. ALL minorities face some amount of hostility from the majority.

The blog post that's similar to this vlog:

*Please understand that I don't think being a vegan is similar to being gay, trans, or otherwise a member of a group that uses the terms "pass" "pride" "come out" etc.
I am hetero, cis-gendered, white, and otherwise privileged. The hate I've received for being vegan isn't even close to the hate I've received for being an outspoken woman, so I imagine it's very dissimilar to hate experienced by someone of color or someone who is gay or trans or some combination thereof. I'm not trying to liken animal rights to other movements; I'm merely using terminology that I find useful.

Do you feel comfortable speaking your truth, being honest about who you are, what you want, and what you believe?
PLEASE make videos! YOU will pave the way for all the others who aren't comfortable "coming out."


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