Monday, June 1, 2009

"Building Muscle Fast" on a Vegan Diet

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About this video:
When someone says they can't be vegan because the have to "build muscle fast and need a lot of protein" they are telling you:
a) They don't know that you CAN build muscle on a vegan diet; there are plenty of vegan protein sources, and
b) They care more about how they look than about animals, the environment, or their health. They are the kind of people who are wiling to sacrifice their own long-term health for short-term superficial gains.

So, if you want to compel them to go vegan, you have to tailor your discussion to their interests: you have to give them selfish reasons for going veg. Some ideas:
- it's hip, cool, in style to be veg ( )
- only assholes eat animals ( )
- some of the best athletes ever were veg (like Olympic medal winner Carl Lewis: )

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PS - are you vegan or vegetarian? PLEASE make videos. Your videos will inspire others to go or stay veg. You WILL make a difference :)

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