Friday, June 5, 2009

Biscuits and Crisps or Cookies and Chips

davidn87 asked:
"It was really easy for me to give up meat, milk, eggs & cheese,
but i'm having a hard time giving up stuff that has the above things in them, like biscuits & crisps. Any advice?"

My advice:

a) Find vegan versions! You can find vegan cookies or chips all over the place, just read the ingredients. For example, many pure corn chips are vegan. And plain potato chips are often vegan.

FYI, here are some vegan cookies that I enjoy!
* Uncle Eddies:
* Alternative Baking Company:
* My husband's yummy coconut chocolate chip cookies:

Vegan stores:
* Food Fight:
* Vegan Essentials:
* Cosmos Vegan Shoppe:
* Vegan Store:
* Taste Better Store:
* The Vegan Flower:
* Vegan Soles:
* Alternative Outfitters:
* DownBound:

b) Make your own. Find vegan recipes here:

c) Cookies and chips are not health foods. You might want to consider avoiding them entirely, particularly if you can't find vegan versions.

d) Cut yourself some slack. If you fall off the wagon, just get back on.
The longer you're vegan, the easier it gets!

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  1. Hey Elaine, I've watched most of your videos and I'm really impressed. They pretty much sum up how I feel. Recently I was involved in a discussion with some work colleagues about my vegan beliefs. I found it really hard to get my points across, because I've been vegan for over a decade, it's normal to me, I've internalised it so much. I don't think about what I'm eating or buying anymore. I had started to write a blog about it, and scanned youtube for videos to include. Then I watched yours videos and thought "My god! she's done and said everything I would have said" Which is great!!

    I think the main points of my colleagues arguments were:-

    1. we are designed to eat meat!
    2. we know it's wrong, but we like the taste!
    3. if you're going to unplug yourself from the system you should go the whole way and live apart from civilisation!
    4. we've always eaten meat!
    5. I want to build myself up (muscles) and can't on a vegan diet!
    6. It's very difficult to eat out if you are a vegan.. how many restaurants cater for that!?
    7. survival of the fittest - animals eat animals, why are we different?
    8. you are killing vegetables!?

    I think the one thing I'm always wary of when talking about being vegan or veganism is coming across as preaching or telling people what to do. Anyways, enough said.. keep up the good work..