Friday, June 19, 2009

Dealing With Rude Non-Vegan Co-Workers

How should you deal with rude jokes about your veganism?

MrHollick said:
"At work they know I am a vegan now and it seems like I am a target of ridicule now, oh yea :(
"Anyway what should I say when they come back from lunch and find it amusing to taunt me saying things like 'Hey Sean i just ate a cow at lunch hahah'"

My response:
The more socially savvy you are, the better you can deal with these things. But if you're a bit shy or socially awkward, like me, you might have a bit of trouble.

Here's what I do most: ignore, ignore, ignore.

When people say things that are rude, hostile, mean, or otherwise objectionable, I tend to ignore them. I do this because it's a better solution than reacting out of anger, defense, or other negative emotion.

But if I feel comfortable with the people and I trust them, I'll be more honest and tell them I don't think that joke was funny. You could go into detail about it saying why it's not funny (it's insulting to vegans and cows and hurts my feelings) or you could leave the details out. It's up to you. Truthfully, I'm always amazed at how much respect people will give you if you're just honest about it with them and say, "That hurts my feelings."

WHAT DO YOU DO WHEN PEOPLE INSULT YOU AT WORK? How do you deal with it? What do you say?

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  1. Holy cow. I have been having increasing problems at work and Google sent me here. I am going to take your advice. Well one manager I know it won't do any good because I have tried this on other topics (she makes cracks about my weight and clothing, too.) but the new attackers will get the truth said in a calm, neutral way. Hope it works. Otherwise I will have to take my lunch in my car.