Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Vegan Fast Food

Why vegan?

Sometimes it can be a little tough finding vegan food when you're traveling or when you're tight on cash. Never fear, even fast food has vegan options!

Some fast food vegan options (as of June 2009):
- Taco Bell bean burrito fresco style or 7-layer minus cheese and sour cream
- Subway veggie delight on Italian bread w/o cheese or mayo
- Carl's Jr. plain baked potato (add salsa or salt) or salad bar
- Wendy's plain baked potato
- Evo's offers LOTS of options
- Pizza Fusion vegan pizza
- Starbucks oatmeal
- most fast food: french fries

Websites that list places to eat out as a vegan:

Even though vegan fast food is a far better choice than meaty fast food, fast food still isn't good for you. For your health's sake, please don't eat too much fast food. It's usually high in fat and high in sodium, which aren't good for you. If money is tight, try eating more beans, rice, potatoes, and inexpensive fruits.

Here are some resources for being vegan without breaking your budget:

And here are some resources for being vegan and keeping it convenient, quick, and easy:


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