Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Should A Vegan Eat A Non-Vegan Sandwich?

Why vegan?

EcoLogicality wants our opinions on this:
"In social circumstances where food is given to you that is not vegan but is still bearable to eat and will go to waste if not eaten."

The short answer is that vegans should reject non-vegan foods in most or all situations.

The long answer:
a) It's wrong to assume the food will go to waste because there are almost always other options: another person will eat it, an animal will eat it, or it can be composted, etc.

b) If you'd reject food based on trivial things like taste preferences, then ethics and health should be enough to reject foods, too.

c) You draw your own line. If you want to eat it and feel it doesn't significantly violate your vegan values, then eat it.

d) Remember it's better to be 99.9% vegan than zero percent vegan.

Discussed in this video:
*Subway's vegan options... go here for more info:
*The China Study... go here to learn more:

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